Monday, November 08, 2004

First Episode Psychosis

We went to see him in the hospital. I wanted to cry, then I wanted to shake him back into his skin. This was not the boy I know. I feel angry that this has happened to him. Will he ever come back to be the person we know?

The scariest thing is that he is aware and yet not completely in control or able to change his capacity to come back. He paces around, plays ping pong, paces, watches TV, paces, stares and listens to the voices in hesd head. He told me he did not want his friends to see him this way - he knows there is something terribly wrong.

I never thought that this could be real - and yet when it is so real it gives you a feeling of absolute powerlessness. I cannot hold him adn make the voices go away, I cannot compete with power the voices have over him... Who can help him and how will he ever find his way back.

I want this miracle to happen...I want god to show me and have mercy .

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