Friday, November 19, 2004

Day 3 - SD Bootcamp 5/10

Still not doing too well on the SD mission. But maybe a step closer to building awareness. I must perserver...trudge trudge trudge...

Snacked again after 7pm. But not as much as usual.
Still ate those blasted hershey kisses and m&ms at the office. Need to work on reducing sugar.
Still not getting to bed before 11.
Still not kepping mouth shut at work.
Did not complete Italian homework.
No excercise.
Need to spend at least an hour on Photography.

Did bring a healthy lunch of beet soup, salad and yougourt prepared the night before.
Was on time for work.
DId not bitch too heavily about being bored at work.
Took my multi-vitamin

For Tomorrow
Get 8 hours sleep
No unnecessary snacking after 7.
Review and complete italian home work.
Make some time for photography.

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