Thursday, November 18, 2004

Clear Blue Easy

It was either October 27 or 28th, under the eclipsed moon, that it happened. I work up the next morning and, call it intuition, but I knew.

As of today's date that makes me a week late for my period and 3 weeks pregnant. It is not time to announce anything yet, babies need at least a threee month test drive to figure out whether they would like to stay.

That means, by the third week in January I will be three months. Then it's announcement time.

I have already got myself on a midwifery waiting list - it would be so great to have a midwife get me through this.

So how does it feel? Well it feels like I ma goign to have my period in 3 days..that feeling when you know it's coming? Sort of like that. So far no sickness or tiredness...not more than normal, but maybe that will fact a lot is about to change. I will just have to close my eyes and ride it through ;).

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