Monday, November 22, 2004

Week 2 - Boot camp - Take two.

I have definately acheived a hieghtened awareness that I lack self-discipline. This will have to be a crack down week. I think there are obvious glaring areas for improvemnt. Eating is definately one of them. New strategy with two goals.

1) Cut sugar intake at work ( no candies and less sugar in coffee)
2) Keep busy at home to avoid snacking after 7 - Do photography work and Italian homework.

That's it. If I can't do that over the next 5 days...I'm doomed.

THis reminds me of when we did the 24 hour famine in university....I lasted less than 2 hours because I uncounsciously went straight for the fridge that evening ;(. Arrrgh.

Sorry the blog is so boring lately...

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