Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Day 1 - Self-Discipline Bootcamp 6/10

How did the first day of self-disipline boot camp go? Not bad...could've been worse. But it is only the first day...

- very unconsciously stole two peices of a smartie filled chocolate
- ate after 7 PM (slice of cheese, Mini-go and A bite or two of roasted chicken while makeing lunch).
- arrived to work late because I did not make whole lunch night before, and slept in and did not prepare my clothees in the morning.
- did not make time to complete studying for interview wednesday - instread watched Dr. Phil and CSI Miami.
- Did not get to bed on time....
- did not excercise ;(

- ONLY stole 2 pieces of smartie filled chocolate - could've eaten whole bar.
- Had green tea sans suger in the evening
- Had breakfast coffe with 1 suger not two.
- Got out of bed relatively on time
- sat down for 2 hours to complete my italian work
- forced myself to go to bed before 11:30
- Stayed off ebay.

To work on:
- prepare lunch night before - have ready to go
- Put clothing out for next day ironed and ready to go
- get out of bed on time
- Go to bed before 10 PM
- focus on studying for interview Wednesday.
- 1 hour of TV per day.
- don't get distracted by phone calls and ebay
- Continue to minimize suger intake.

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