Monday, August 09, 2004

Love came in the form of a camera

I recently purchased the Canon EOS Digital Rebel 300D... I never thought love would come in the form of a camera. I shot a wedding this past weekend with it and I could not get over the performance. It was quick and responsive.. much more so than my G3. THough I do have to say that the G3 is like my first love - a trusty little camera that never let me down.

I will be signign upf ro some advanced photography courses and will bring home some wonderful shots from italy.

I need to remember to download the photos from Mt. Washington to give to the ladies. There are some great shots there as well. Oh yeah - I climbedMt. Washington last weekend! The weather was amazing and we made it to the top (a parking lot on the top of the mountain!) in 4.5 hours. The next day we hiked the 19 mile broook trail - just lIly and I. Wil post pictures soon.

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