Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Net Effect of Giving up Coffee to date

So it has been sometime now that I have given up coffee on a daily basis. I have instead taken to drinking green tea (The Chinese gunpowder variety) without sugar each and every morning while I am at work. I also began drinking a litre of water every day while I am at my desk.

Unexpectedly I have not experienced the "I just can't think" starring blankly at my computer screen sensation since. Is it hydration or a lack of caffiene?

In any case I have broken the shackles of the modern chic consumer culture. I am no longer inticed to give away $4- $6 a day to feel part of the new " I'm successful yuppie, sipping grande shade grown, caramel machiatto, hold the whip cream, sprinkles on the side with an espresso chaser" club. I have discovered a new taste landscape - less commercial and more in the tradition of a mountain tea house and less urban coffee pub in shopping district.

I enjoy a delectable variety of tastes. Light, smoky, floral, herbaceous, spicy, smooth and eclectic. I ahve grown my camomile in my garden this year and it is s splendid hoey tasting tea when brewed fresh from the garden...I enjoy it while I sit in the shade of my garden on ice and before bed all warm and steamy.

I find tea brings me closer to the beautiful plants I enjoy - truly drinking the sunshine that grew it and the earth that stengthened it.

I ma finding it hard to crave the rich dark taste of coffee... like mud in a cup really - in favour of the more light fluid that my grandmom used to enjoy through her day.

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