Monday, August 09, 2004

Taken with tea

Drinking green tea started out as a was to boost my thermogenic capacity but has turned into a part of my daily routine - get into work, make a pot of Tazo green tea and ginger and finish before noon.

I have recently given up on coffee to see if there is any net effect at all on how I feel. I have noticed that I don't feel hit by a bus first thing in the morning... a very good start to the day. But I have discovered some wonderful teas to replace my coffee habits. There are so many lovely teas. There is such a wide range tastes and pallets - unlike coffee which always in some way tastes like coffee.

I have discovered the pure joy of Morroccan tea There is a Morraccan resturant that got me started on it - it is a must try. Mint leaves with a touch of orange blossom water and a touch of suger...heavenly on a warm summer days.

Another lovely tea is a flower-based tea from lebanon. It is amixture of roses na dit tastes amazing as an iced tea. You can probably get it at any middle eastern grocery.

I ma quite taken with tea.

I think the organic Costa Rican coffee that I brought back from my trip with last a while.

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