Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Of late the complexities of human nature, relationships and the second half of life have bubbles fiercy to the surface. Presently, I am 5 months pregnant. I have had many reflections on how very overwheelming it is to bring a new person into the world and what a miracle we all really are - each one of us. We are all someone's little miracle. The wave of change that follows leaves the landscape changed forwever. And this is the next unknown: How we will be changed by the coming of this life? Will we weather well?

An aquaintance of mine has been trying to have a child with his wife for over 10 years. They met as highschool sweethearts and were married early. They had exciting plans for the future and they both deeply loved their twin girls when they finally came to be. Three months after the girls were born, he made the decision to leave his wife. He was "bored". Apparently, he had been for a long time. He wanted to loosen the noose of marriage and explore the world and the people in it, but he still wanted to be a father to his girls. This news ripped my heart out. I felt so alone for her - so overwhelmed, vulnerable and lost - devastated. Had these two beautiful miracle babies pushed something to the surface that may have layed dormant for a very long time?

I am perplexed and unsure as to what waves our baby will bring into our lives...my hope is that she will bring something special out in both of us and in doing so, we will be inspired to be better poeple and have a stronger relationship for us and for her. But I guess only time will tell.

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