Thursday, March 24, 2005

Dream Job

I think that my dream job would be in photojournalism. I would live wherever I wished and would travel all over the world on assignment. I could take documentary photos and write pieces to accompany the images. How close to this is what I am doing right now? Not even close. But what am I doing about it?

Well I have started by doing some small things. I bought a wonderful camera - and I have taken the camera on many my many travels. I have also started taking some photos at weddings and for portraits. And I have fallen in love with photo transfers. It is the best of all my favorite art pusuits - printamaking, photography drawing, and painting. It is invigorating to get the creativity back and to be inspired again.

Who knows what this year will bring - maybe I am getting a day closer to realizing a dream everyday.

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galpalval said...

There is a film called "War photographer", which I was only able to see part of at a film fest. Webpage is here:
and another inspiring film about the power of photography is Born into brothels at