Tuesday, February 22, 2005

It is all making sense now

I recently completed a Herman Brain Dominance profile. While I thought there would be no surprise as to what quadrants I would fall in...there was...a big surprise...and I am not sure that it is not pregnancy making it so.

I came out as a dominant quadrant D - Artistic, strategic, divergent thinker, risk taker. My next dominant was emotional - music, feelings, empathy... interesting, because I thought that I would have something more in the area of logical and sequential...but not even close.

So what does this tell me? That I will not be successful in the current job that I am in. It is purely operational and my strategic point of view is not appreciated at this level of work. It is overwhelming for the detailed, sequential and methodical mind. I would however excel in strategic planning and policy. I think this should be my next step.

I should also be pursuing art, wirintg and music more fervently....these things make up who I truly am.

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