Friday, March 11, 2005

Who wants more?

Reflecting on the dynamics between us, I cannot help but feel that one of us wants more -more sex, more intimacy, more thoughtful moments, more romance, more friendship, more support, more encouragement... more.

You almost seem absent, distanced. You ahve never asked for anything. Doyou want anything. You appear to move throught the motions -to be happy there - it is just enough - and just enough is all you need. If it is good enough for you - it should be good enough for me too...right?

I feel as if I am trying to steer a ship in a sea...and I am the only one interested in surviving the storm. While we both need to steer the ship - I feel you never noticed that we were in a storm to begin with, you don't much care and by the way "what's for dinner?". I can't steer this big ship alone.

Things are about to change drastically, and I don't think you will notice until it is too late. Why am I trying so hard when it doesn't really matter? and, why do you keep my just on the outside? What are you afraid of...or is it that you just don't think about it? Am I wishing you to be someone you are not? Hopeful you will become who I see you to be? Or, are you in there somewhere but you just lost sight?

I want more because I give more - we give in the proportion that we want in relationships. You have stopped giving and have now taken too much. It is time for me to give less and expect less? That's is somewhere I cannot go. Why should I lower MY expectations to "basic life support"?

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