Friday, October 01, 2004

To Populate and Complicate? That is the Question

So everyone is having babies. Arne and Shari are now pregnant as well. While I guess I am happy for them, I also ask "why now?". Arne is still in med school and has huge debts still to pay off. Under those conditions doesn't bringing a new person into the mix make things more complicated? Life seems complicated enough already. I can't figure out why I can only associate having a child with loss; loss of money, time, oppourtunity, relationships, adventure and my already struggling figure. Your body is never the same : Hemorrhoids, bladder control issues, hormonal changes…etc. I need to know whether I don’t want children or that I have just convinced myself that it is a horrible experience without knowing enough. I'lll figure it out…tick tock tick tock...

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