Monday, October 04, 2004

Small Wonder

I cannot remember how it is that I first picked up a collection of essays by Barbara Kingsolver, but I remember that it was a welcomed discovery. It was called high-tide in Tucson, and the story of the hermit crab "Buster" set me up for a lifetime of reading Kingsolver till she would write no more.

There is a special sensitivity that she brings to her is just beneath the skin and transcends the nervous system. She understands the heart both as an organ and as a spiritiual conduit. There are too many things that she writes that I wish I could take from the page and wear them as a pearl on my never forget the beauty and the small wonders of life she reveals.

If you ask me, when something extraordinary shows up in your life in the middle of the night, you give it a name and make it the best home you can.

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