Wednesday, April 19, 2006

A beautiful night

It was as if the beauty outside begged me to notice it. My eyes were opened at the strangest hour. It must have been 4 am judging by the position of the bright moon. It lit up the white laundry swaying and rocking across the line, T-shirts, towels, dress shirts and undies all glowing in a cool moon blue against the lake. The water was still as if to be listening to a bump in the night. The trees stood prostrate sectioning my view through the window. It was a moment that wanted nothing more than to be taken - a moment where the world was standing still enough for you to notice yourself for the first time. My heart beating patiently in my chest, the heaviness of my flesh keeping me close to the ground and the swish of the blood moving behind my ears - all of this was extraordinary to me as it reminded me how warm being alive could be.

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