Sunday, April 09, 2006

I am Flat

Sitting amoungst my friends the other night, I couldn't string together anything interesting to say. I have become completely BORING. I was boring myself with my useless chatter and wished somehow I would just go away. I don't get out enough. I walk out and look around me to be amazed at everything going on and then...I don't take it in.

I am currently supposed to be planning my garden and getting the house in order and well - taking care of Kaia is busy stuff. I am starting to feel the burden of this house, our possessions and it makes me feel cluttered and slow.

I am not someone that people would necessarily long to spend time with anymore. I am like furniture. While I can be kind - I feel I have become more 2 dimensional of late. I am not sure if it has happened recently or maybe with all the time I have alone - maybe I just noticed.

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