Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Growing your own food - Part 2

The Spring brings great ambition and promise to the would be vegetable gardener...I buy the plants, the seeds, the cages the name it...full force. I even had a plan. As with life, the plan does not always roll-out as planned. Most of my seeds - nothing came up..the odd carrot or beet - but really 2 weeks of HAtteras and the garden had been devoured by weeds. The tomato harvest was a bit of a bust. Last year I could hardly keep up..this year...I found myself int eh grocery aisle looking for tomatoes. Did anythign turn out? Sure - the summer squash were amazing, the zuchinni of course, the butternut and acorn squash came out great, and so did the herbs. But the peppers were a lost cause and so were the eggplants. Oh and the cucumbers never produced either???

Lessons learned:

* Weed, weed, weed and use straw on walking paths to keep the weeds down.
* No peppers - they suck to grow.
* Get a different plot - just off the road up fromt eh swampy areas.
* Don't plant tomatoes early...but buy them early.
* Squash and Zuchinnis are dependable.
* Tomaotes...use the tinfoil and paper bags in the early stages,,,then grow grow grow...trim trim.

So better luck next year.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, another tip I got in Ottawa, if you can{t get your hands on straw between the rows, use wet strips of newspaper. I suppose less asthetically pleasing, but traces out your rows and blocks out the sun. v.