Thursday, December 01, 2005

A Careful Demarcation

For the longest time I was certain that my university days were just barely behind me. I still felt like I was 21 and fancy free...just now I can afford more stuf...better stuff (really just barely above Ikea), but that came to an abrupt end when reality hit like a hammer.

As many know I am a new mom. This in and of itself is not what put me over the hump of ackowledgement, but the breast pump at the recent U2 concert sure did. Here's how the moment of truth rolled out:

Entering the Corel Centre the security check your bags and frisk you...(yipee frisk me! frisk me!) not exactly what happened for me..."what;s in the bag maam?". "Breast pump." "OK, move on through". No frisk for me. Furhter, I had to pump my boobs clean right there in the stands between Arcade Fire and U2 coming on...the lights came on and there I was pumping away with horror.

Moral of the know you have really moved intot the next stage of life nad you are soooo far away from that girl that entered the uni halls....when you are pumping your breasts at a U2 concert. I am in denial no longer.

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