Tuesday, May 10, 2005

A Plot to Garden

Now, it appears, that the sun is here to stay. The sun and rain are pushing the plants to the surface. By now the peonies are coming up ( I wonder if these transplante beauties will bloom?), the irises are getting stronger and while everyone else's tulips have already bloomed, mine are just threatening to bloom. The spirea don't seem to be doing well but I still have hope that they will get the sun they need. The dogwood is starting to show its leaves, the birch survived the winter and is coming back in full force - The Scot's Pine did not fair as well and is looking a little brown. I will transplant that one this year. The ferns are so cool they are the big ones an dthey are unfolding so beautifully I can't wait to see them later this year. I will plant the ususal herbs (sweet basil, thyme, oregano, camomile, sage, tarragon, dill and lavender) and some nasturtiums. And I will anticipate the arrival of the white and purple coneflowers with their black-eyed Susan freinds.

This year in addition to my backyard, I will also have a garden plot t the Glocester community allotment garden. I will plant some yummy veggies (zuchinni, tomatoes, peppers, corn, cucumbers, lettuce, beans) this is my new adventure in gardening ;) We'll see how it goes with little miss rebane. Hopefully I ma not being too ambitous.

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galpalval said...

Glad you have sun! I had a 20 minute window when it wasn't raining to get some weeding done! It is cold and raining in Vancouver. With so much rain, come the sun, I'm worried the weeds will sprout with a vengence!