Tuesday, January 11, 2005

What will I do when it's time to go back?

I have about 6 moths remaining until I pop a new person inot the world. This gets me thinking about how unbelievably unhappy I have been in my career, and that these next six moths provide an oppourtunity to end on a high note, and possible pursue something new upon returning.

So what kinds of new endeavors would I entertain. Well for staters, I can take a year leave of absence for education - so maybe photgraphy or journalism? I can also take an exchange into the private and/or not for profit sector. I have been told that my energy would be well used in that environemnt, so maybe I will investigate this as an option.

Either way, I think that the changing perspective that a child will bring, coupled with some good self-reflection could bring about a change for me - 'cause lord knows I can't do 25 more years of this.

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