Thursday, December 09, 2004

Life is a Real Bitch Sometimes

Whoever said the glass ceiling has advanced a few floors is full of it!

Let me explain. With all my experience and skills...which I still believe are many, I was asked to head up the United Way Campaign. I liken this lead role to be the head of the queens tea party: it is all women...running bakesales...dressing up in costumes and raffling turkeys and selling junk, every which where ...while the male managers sit back saying "good job ladies". So, I refused the role. I did not want the pigeon-hole of- Charity Cheerleader...which I am not. Lord knows they would come knowcking again next year.

Today we received the results of the Senior Offer job...the top three- guys, that last three ladies. It says a lot that #3 on the list even said he didn't understand how he could have beat one ever said life was fair...adn this just proves it.

So, being a real bitch may pay off afterall - Not sure...but I am willing to try now.

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