Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Getting up to date

Let me begin by saying that the fence that the neighbor put up has come down. It has not stopped his obsessive grass grooming behavior, but for now I feel I can breathe again without winding up like a ball everytime I see the ugly fence outside my house.

On a better note, the community garden plot experiment was a success in spite of the neglect it suffered due to new parenting duties. WE had a huge crop of roma tomatoes whcih I lovingly turned into tomato sauce, we also had beans, cucumbers. zuchinni, peppers, peas, eggplants and potatoes. We are still waiting on the carrots, beets and pumpkins...but we will definately be doing this again next year, only I will have a better garden plan. We may even go for the full plot (7mx14m).

Kaia is amazing! She is almost 12 pounds at 8 weeks old -she is pure joy.

Now that she is settling into a schedule, I have to begin setting some goals for this year.

1) Improve French vocabulary
2) Improve Italian vocabulary
3) Improve photoshop skills
4) Enter at least four photo contests
5) Learn to better use manual functions on digi cam
6) Learn how to splice together digital video of Kaia7) Achieve a healthy body weight at 145-150 pounds (lose 20 pounds)
8) Get fit through weight training, resisitance training, pilates, yoga and skiing
9) Go downhill skiing/snowboarding this year.
10) Learn to be a good parent to Kaia
11) Find a new job to return to
12) Visit the galleries and museums with Kaia once a month
13) Read at least ten good books this year:
The Red Tent, The Kiterunner, Dropped Threads 1+2, Barbara Kingsolver, etc.

I better get to it!

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