Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Beans, Peas and Columbine

It is nearly summer, but I guess still technically Spring. The garden has come up in full force. First to show their wares - the purple and orange tulips followed by the purple geraniums. The tulips lost their lustre about a week ago and the geraniums are just losing their flowers. THe hostas are up and are showing sign of flowering. The blue mountains and teh columbine have come up together. The multi-colour bloomed a beautiful white columbine yesterday.

The large bearded irises bloomed last week and this week they are followed so many tiny irises...I can't wait to see them!

Coming next will be the yellow flowers I can't remember the name of, the hostas, oriental poppy and wild bergamot.

Late July I will likely see the cone flower, black-eyed Susans - that should bring the butterflies and birds....

The plot has begun to sprout beans and peas and of course the eggplant, zucchinni, cucumbers and tomatoes are doing very well. We have to weed in a big way and get the chicken wire aroung our sprouting peas to keep the deer away.

I love watching all this stuff grow - will post some pics soon.


galpalval said...

I wish my garden has the same artistic flare. I have tonnes of weeds, and no sun! It has been almost nothing but rain for months. I did pick tonnes of berries- black berries? or something yesterday, which are quite tasty.

galpalval said...

Check this out: