Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Bored Stiff

It has been over 12 weeks now that I hardly done anything at work. I have taken to coming in late and walking the 40 minutes to work. I figure that I might as well take the extra time to increase the level of my health while my career deteriorates.
I have researched several interesting items on the web:
1) I have taken to planning my trip to Swtzerland and Itlay in September. That helps me feel that my wasted time here will at least come to some value.
2) I have decided to purchase a Ford Escape Hybrid - I need the extra cargo space for the Weim, the Dachsund and all our gear.
3) I have recently taken a test on webMD that has described me at severely ADHD - well that would have been good to know a long time ago eh? http://webmd.com

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MJ said...

Last July I spent a month in Italy. It was the absolute best place i have ever been. Loved it!!